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Lisa Jegen

Lisa was certified by EAGALA, as an Equine Specialist in 2002. I am a 5th generation equestrian. I was born into the horse world 57 years ago. I was showing horses at 6, training by 8. Managing a Thoroughbred stud farm on the west coast at the end of 17. I have learned from trainers and owners all over the world but the best information came from my father and you know why? because it was correct information. So that covers the horse part of this. Let’s move on to the Therapy part of my history. 

I have a diagnosis of CPTSD.

I am not a military veteran but I am a product of equine therapy. If I did not have the blessings and the benefit of having Horses in my life I may not have survived to tell you, and everyone else that I can reach, that horses can literally save your life!

Amy Nixon

Amy is the Assistant Barn Manager and Equine Facilitator at Simply Equine Assisted Therapy. She is a PATH certified ESMHL (Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning) She is also near completion in her Equine Massage, Kinesiology, Taping and Craniosacral work through Holistic Animal Studies by Angel's Animals.

Amy is a lover of nature, enjoys traveling and of course horses!

Amy has 3 teens, 2 cats, 1 horse, and a dog. You may see all but the cats at the barn from time to time. Angel is Amy's horse who loves to follow her around the barn. Helping people and allowing them to see their full potential is Amy's driving goal.




Khloé, Emma and Kody

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