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Grief, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, stress, autism, eating disorder, ADHD, depression, mouth vomit, bullying (both sides), all abuse period, the gamete is long and wide. If its mental health we got it covered.

Our therapy also helps with a multitude of BEHAVIORAL ISSUES. Including, but not limited to:

Self esteem, Self-worth, Self confidence, Discipline, Consequences, Anger, Patience, Self-control, Accountable, Boundaries, Self-preservation, Perspective 


This is not a traditional therapy, but it is very effective!


Our clients work directly with our horses the very first session We don’t have ponies, we have full blown horses that reach 15.3 hands tall. If you are wanting to ride you have come to the right place  if you don’t want to ride you have come to the right place.
Even though horses are powerful and incredible athletes, they may be the most significate teacher you’ll ever have. if you can handle an intelligent 1200-pound animal with a mind of its own, you will be able to handle any human that walks the earth. Through working with horses all these life skills naturally present themselves.

​Horses live in the moment, the here, the now. Not the past nor the future. They absolutely remember (forever) but they won’t hold it against you. They understand your need to learn. They allow the mistakes and are patient with you when you can’t remember what comes next. They will give you grace when you can’t give it to yourself. They will call you straight out when you are being difficult and put you in your place when no one person can seem to manage, legally anyway.

We specialize in teenagers, but we are open to all people!
Benefits: learning to communicate with words to reach an understanding and solve the problem without reaching the fever pitch.

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